DUI Checkpoints

Is Increasing the Number of DUI Checkpoints in Sacramento Will Be an Effective Solution?

No doubt driving under the influence of alcohol or any kind of illegal substances is never a good idea. Aside from the fact that you are going to be endangering your life and the life of your passengers, you are also going to be posing a threat to all the drivers around you and their passengers as well.

With that said, the official statistical data is sadly offering very disturbing numbers. Sacramento DUI accidents are on the rise as more and more people these days are neglecting their safety and the safety of others around them and are more interested in driving while impaired than ever before. They are not even frightened by the possible legal consequences. Speaking of which – DUI crimes, no matter whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, are punishable by some harsh legal penalties.

That is right – in case you or your loved ones were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you should prepare yourself for expensive fines – thousands upon thousands of dollars from your pockets. You also need to be prepared to fight for the right to keep your driving privileges and you will have to resolve this issue with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In addition, you may be required to perform community service and, more importantly, install an ignition interlock device inside your vehicle. Finally, there is also a chance that, depending on the circumstances of the crime, you will be sentenced to spend time in county jail or state prison.

Obviously, the number of DUI accidents is higher than ever during the holidays. Here, in Sacramento, the authorities are deeply disturbed with the official statistical data and are inclined to do something about it. Hence, you will be seeing a whole lot more of law enforcement officers patrolling the streets and the highways these days. It is not the only measure that is aimed at preventing more Sacramento DUI crimes from taking place. Indeed, the number of DUI checkpoints is also going to be increased.

Therefore, the law enforcement officers will be pulling people over and, in case the driver will not be able to present his or her driver’s license or the law enforcement officers will have reasons to believe that the driver is operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, he or she is going to be apprehended.

The authorities are already claiming that such a serious approach is very effective. The number of DUI victims and DUI accidents in general dropped down, which is of course an amazing outcome and therefore the number of the policemen who are going to be working is going to increase.

Although such a decision may prove to be somewhat controversial, it is save to safe that these safety measures are important nonetheless. After all, a lot of people are not thinking about their safety and the safety of other individuals on the roads around the nation. Perhaps Sacramento will prove that only harsh measures are effective when it comes to dealing with the DUI offenders. In fact, the law enforcement authorities are already reporting that the number of arrested DUI criminals is already higher than ever. Perhaps it is because of the holidays or maybe due to the fact that the number of Sacramento DUI checkpoints increased significantly over the past few weeks – who is to say.

One thing is absolutely certain – people need to be more self-aware and drink less during the holidays. Even if you are already drunk and you need to get home, do not use your vehicle – it is best to call a cab or a designated driver to get you home safely and without any detrimental consequences for yourself and other people around you. Holiday season is very tempting in terms of alcohol drinking, but on must not allow the urge to drink to best his mind and cloud his judgement.

John Williams, Esq.
Law Offices of Sacramento DUI Specialists