Underage DUI

Underage Driver commits a DUI Accident: Kills Four And Injures Nine

Getting behind the wheel while being under the influence of alcohol or any kind of illegal substance is not a very good idea indeed. After all, you are not only endangering yourself and your passengers – you are becoming a genuine threat for other drivers, their passengers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, people commit DUI crimes every single day and some of those offenses are truly horrifying. For instance, a recent tragedy demonstrates just how dangerous drunk driving can be. A 16 year old driver in Texas recently killed 4 people and injured nine others in a devastating DUI accident.

The story is truly terrible – a church vehicle stopped to help a woman deal with her flat tire. Another woman was helping her with the tire, the pastor along with a mother and daughter from his church stood nearby. Their church vehicle was hit by the underage driver, who was driving at nearly 70 mph, whereas the limit was only 40 mph. The pastor, mother and daughter along with the woman were killed right there and then. Nine other people from the church vehicle were severely injured. It was later determined that the underage driver was under heavy influence of alcohol – his BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests was equal to 0.24, whereas 0.8 is the legal limit.

During the initial court hearing, the boy was allowed to be accompanied by his parents, but if he is going to be found guilty, he is likely to spend up to 20 years behind bars.

Needless to say, in this situation, the job of legal defense representatives does not consist of proving that the boy is not guilty. Facts speak for themselves. No, instead of wasting time on trying to dismiss the case, the Sacramento DUI lawyers will need to worry about minimizing the sentence. It is very important, imperative even for the boy, who may be sentenced to so many years behind bars.

Still, it is also an example of how devastating and genuinely tragic DUI accidents can really be. People are injured and killed because of drivers’ negligence and even very best Sacramento DUI attorneys will not be able to save them from legal consequences, not to mention the moral pressure and guilt, which will accompany offenders for the rest of their lives.