Commercial DUI

Ways To Defend Commercial DUI Charges

Commercial DUICommercial DUI – commercial driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances is never a good idea. Especially if you are a commercial vehicle operator. After all, if you are transporting a dangerous or hazardous cargo or perhaps are driving a bus full of people, you are not only putting yourself in great danger – lives of many others are at stake as well.

This is one of many reasons why law enforcement authorities are so concerned with commercial DUIs and, also, why the law is even more strict when it comes to commercial DUI offenders. First of all, the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) for a commercial vehicle operator is lower than usual – .04% instead of .08%, so it is clear that a commercial driver may be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol even if he only had a glass of beer. In addition, the law also obliges commercial vehicle operators not to drive their vehicles eight hours after drinking any alcoholic beverages.

As for legal penalties that come for commercial DUIs, the situation is even more serious as with regular DUI offenses. First of all, the commercial driver is going to risk losing his class A driver’s license. For the first offense the commercial vehicle operator is going to have his license suspended for a year and for the second DUI the offender is going to lose his license for good. This is a very serious penalty, seeing that the class A license is a work permit for most commercial drivers. They will lose their job along with the license and it is a very harsh punishment for them.

More Information About Commercial DUI Defense

Furthermore, the driver is going to be obliged to report about his DUI offense to his employer within 30 days after the incident took place. Of course, most employers will not be too happy about it and will probably fire the DUI offender. Fines, community service, county jail or state prison may also be a part of the sentence, depending on circumstances. Nevertheless, if you wish to avoid most severe penalties, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity.

There is a number of DUI defense strategies that a lawyer will be capable of using. We are talking about a reason why the police pulled you over in the first place, whether or not they had reasons to believe that you were driving under the influence, your sobriety test results and so on.

Only will a professional Sacramento DUI lawyer have what it takes to convince the prosecution and the judge that you actually deserve a second chance and that this particular offense does not characterize you at all. A good legal representative is an absolutely invaluable asset in a commercial DUI case. If you were you arrested for DUI while driving your commercial vehicle, contact our Sacramento DUI attorney now!

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