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El Dorado DUI Lawyers

Majority of El Dorado DUI lawyers posting ads about their service in El Dorado County do not have enough expertise related to South Lake Tahoe or Placerville courts. They will merely send their young representatives in court. Other El Dorado DUI attorneys will be more experienced, but will charge you a lot of money and, more importantly, can make promises that they will be unable to keep.

A Qualified El Dorado DUI Lawyer Will Need To Meet The Following Criteria:

  1. Heave sufficient experience in dealing with DUI cases within the South lake Tahoe as well as Placerville courts and this should include the DUI expertise. I was chosen as one of the most respected group of criminal trial lawyers included in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers s by the National Trial Lawyers Association.
  2. Have a great reputation when it comes to client relations. You should browse through the online reviews and check some of the testimonials too. All of those are genuine and are gathered from numerous online review resources. You will be able to understand that the customers are satisfied with all the results that I am capable of delivering.
  3. An Experienced El Dorado DUI lawyer that you are going to hire will need to be available for meetings in person. He will not be hiding behind his salesmen as well as secretaries. In case the lawyer will not want to speak to you before you hire him, he will surely not want to talk to you about the case afterwards.
  4. Be sure to trust your instincts. Is the lawyer making you feel comfortable? Is he offering valuable advice and recommendations? Is he explaining himself in a proper way? The process is quite similar to choosing a new car. Just trust your gut and go with it.
  5. The lawyer that will be defending you will need to have perfect skills and expertise on the technical details of the DUI regulations as well as all the local Placerville and South Lake Tahoe courthouses and their customs, practices as well as procedures.
  6. In the end, it is also important to find an attorney that will be charging you fairly. Keep in mind that some of those lawyers will make extremely optimistic promises and will charge you with a fortune. On the other hand, a genuinely reliable DUI lawyer will be charging you in a fair manner indeed.

In case you or maybe your loved ones were charged with DUI, it is very important not to lose any time. You will only have exactly 10 days from the arrest date to initiate an administrative DMV hearing. And if you fail to do that, you will lose your driving privileges for a while. A professional El Dorado DUI attorney will be able to schedule a DMV hearing for you and take care of everything that needs to be done in order to lessen or dismiss your DUi charges.

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