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Professional attitude as well as client’s privacy represent the most important values of this legal expert and his esteemed business. Client confidentiality always comes first.

Any discussion with the lawyer is private as well as strictly confidential, aside from a few exceptions. In most cases, to disclose any kind of information, the lawyer will require client’s written consent.

Some arrests as well as consequential court hearings can be frustrating and embarrassing for some individuals. Yet, it is absolutely crucial to be 100% honest with the attorney, regardless of the committed crimes. The more information the lawyer will be able to get, the bigger are his chances to come up with a solid defense strategy.

Any information that will be given by the client will be used only for his or her case after contacting him or her. However, there is always a possibility the lawyer will get in touch with you in the future to share some additional details with you.

You have the right to get in touch with the attorney at any time and find out what kind of information he has on you. This information can be deleted upon request.

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