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Every San Joaquin DUI lawyer in town is different in his own way. However, some of the lawyers that are posting their ads in San Joaquin County do not have any experience in handling cases in Stockton or Manteca Courts. All they do is sending younger representatives in court. On the other hand, there are plenty of lawyer, who are operating locally and yet are overcharging people, promising outstanding results and eventually fail on every front.

We tend to believe that any decent San Joaquin County DUI Lawyer will need to meet the following standards:

  1. Be experienced in personally dealing with DUI cases in the Stockton as well as Manteca Courts, that should also include San Joaquin DUI experience in trials. And it just happens that I was selected as a member of an elite group of criminal trial lawyers included in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers s by the National Trial Lawyers Association.
  2. Have a great track record whenever it comes to customer service. Just browse through some reviews that are available online. For instance, you can always check out my reviews. All of those are gathered from different online review resources. You are therefore going to understand that my customers are extremely satisfied with all the services as well as results that I am delivering.
  3. It is crucial that the DUI attorney that you are going to hire must make himself personally available to you. He must not be hiding behind a secretary or his salesman. In case the lawyer will not talk to you before you will hire him, there is a solid chance that he will not talk to you at all.
  4. Rely on your gut. When you are talking to the lawyer, is he listening attentively? Is he giving you valuable advice? Does he explain everything properly? Does it look like he has the knowledge that you are seeking? Hiring a lawyer is very similar to buying a new car. Just trust your gut and go with it.
  5. The lawyer that you are going to select to defend you in court, will need to be very experienced in both the technical details of the DUI laws and with the local procedures, customs and practices that are unique to only the Stockton as well as Manteca courthouses.
  6. Lastly, do not forget to choose a lawyer that will be decent enough to charge you fairly. You need to be on the lookout for the lawyers that are making too big of promises and are charging huge fees at the same time. A good lawyer will always charge you in line with how complex your case may really be.

In case you were charged with driving under the influence, it is very important not to lose any time. You do not have more than 10 days after you were arrested to get in touch with the DMV in order to schedule an administrative DMV hearing. If that deadline is not met, you will lose your opportunity to contest the suspension of your license. I will be able to initiate the hearing on your behalf, but you must not lose any time and call me asap. Should you fail to initiate the hearing, your license will be automatically suspended in 30 days after the arrest took place. However, if I will schedule the hearing for you, the DMV will postpone any actions and even in the worst case scenario you will still have more time to drive around with a valid license.

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Being arrested is without a doubt one of the most frustrating as well as genuinely depressing things imaginable. It is even worse to anticipate what is going to happen next and what kind of actions will be taken against you. Hence, it is my duty to provide my clients with some peace of mind. Every single day I am meeting people, who are genuinely scared about what may be waiting for them after the arrest. However, their fears are often way too exaggerated and the reality is much less dangerous. I will help you work on all the possible options and we will be able to work together in order to come up with a decent DUI defense strategy.

We have managed to help more of my customers avoid being sentenced to jail than I am able to count. For the past ten years I went to court nearly every single day and fought to keep my clients as far away from jail as it is possible. In most of the cases, even if my client was found guilty, I was still able to make sure that he will not get behind the bars. There are certain alternatives to jail and it is very important for a professional San Joaquin DUI attorney to be able to use those alternatives all the way.

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